Saturday, August 22, 2015


This is my 3rd Fantasy Literature Camp assignment. 

My assignment:

August 21st-22nd~What do you look for in a protagonist? Why? Write something on this subject on your blog. Same points as above.

A Good Protagonist

Always has flaws.

Goes about his/her life bravely.
Orders people kindly.
Observes situations wisely.
Does make mistakes.

              Protects what they love.
        Runs to help others.
                     Ordinary but extraordinary. 
Tells the truth.
      Always acts fairly.
           Guided by their heart.
                                                    Omits their own needs when others are in need.
 Never gives up.
   Is a good friend.
               Seeks out those in need.
                             Teaches us something important.

I'm not going to lie, that was hard. SO MANY "O"s!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Design A Character - FLC Assignment 2

'Lo everyone.
This is assignment 2 of FLC (Fantasy Literature Camp) hosted by Kathryn.

My Assignment:  Design a character! You can create one using various pictures  from the internet, Pinterest, or other source, but if you draw it, you get an extra 5 points.  10 pts if completed on time, 5 if not.

First, this is my drawing of my character.

I figured, this is FANTASY literature camp! Why make a boring old human when I can design a FAIRY?


       Poppy-Nellie is a pixie, and even by pixie standards, she's quite short. She stands at about 3 inches tall, and is a bit plump. Poppy has shoulder length dark purple hair, a freckled nose, and lively green eyes. She almost always wears her peach-pink dress with her special purple ribbon tied around her waist. She has wispy lavender wings and she is most proud of them, for they are quite pretty.
        Poppy is also very young for a fairy, she is only two hundred and four years old. Don't you worry though, this little pixie has had enough adventures in her lifetime for all the oldest fairies in the wood! She has run away from the land of the fairies to help humans and animals alike several times, which is forbidden by the new fairy law. Little Poppy-Nellie just can't help herself! She is too kind for her own good. Poppy is the sweetest pixie you'll ever meet, and if she continues to run away as much as she has, you might just get the chance to meet her someday!

I'm not going to lie, I had a ton of fun writing that. I thought it would be hard, but I LOVE the character I designed, little Poppy-Nellie!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Things That Are Opening

This is challenge 1 of Emily's Writing Contest. The challenge is to "Make a list of things that are opening." Let's go!

1.  Opportunities
2. My dog's mouth. (he's barking.)
3. Now the lid of my chap-stick.
4. A new tab on my computer as I check if I'm doing this right. (I believe I am.)
5. A new elementary school in my town.
6. My mind. 
7. The window. I needed to open a window.
8. My door. My brother just walked in. (Thank you Tyler!)
9. Starbucks. They open new stores every week.
10. Boxes. I'm unpacking after our move, so there's a lot of boxes to open.

Wow. I had to get creative there. I did not realize how many things open as I write a post. You learn something new everyday!

FLC Assignment: Forever In Flowers


This is my first assignment of FLC, (fantasy literature camp) hosted by Kathryn.

Assignment: Write a short fantasy story using any one of these photos for a prompt. 10 points if finished on time. 5 if not.

Camp Pic.jpg    Camp Pic 3.jpg   Campi Pic 5.jpg

I will be using the photo on the left.

Forever In Flowers

"Why won't you come with me?" The small boy asked. A tall woman named Lori looked down at him sadly, "I'd love to go with you, to see your grandfather, but I can't leave my home." "Why not?" The boy frowned. Lori sighed. "Sit down." She said, and the boy sat on Lori's bed made of rose petals. "A long time ago, I was forced into marriage, it was normal, at the time." The boy stared at her with wide, confused eyes. "I did not love my husband, and it broke his heart. I felt horrible, but I couldn't change the way I thought. Soon, Henry, my husband, grew bitter and cold-hearted. He went to an old witch, and paid her seventy pounds of gold to curse me. Now here I am, locked in this curse forever. I sit here among the beautiful flowers I once loved, but I can never leave my dear. I am trapped here forever. Forever in flowers."

I hope you liked it!

Monday, August 17, 2015

A Whole Other World ~ Chapter 6

Chapter 6

    "No!!!!!!" Honeypaw shrunk down to the ground, and lapped at her dead mother's dusty fur. She was engulfed in the scents of badger and RoseClan, for they were right on the border. Honeypaw did not notice when a RoseClan patrol started to renew the scent markers.
     Honeypaw yowled with grief. A she-cat's meow came from beyond the trees, "Is everything alright?" The RoseClan cats had heard Honeypaw. Honeypaw managed to whisper in a pained voice, "Badger." That was when Honeypaw realized that through the flash of time that Windrose had died in, the badger had injured her as well. Honeypaw's neck stung horribly, with a deep scratch from the badger's cold claws.
    "Badger?!" A cat exclaimed. Then another voice asked, "May we cross the border?" "You may." Honeypaw mewed softly. Four cats with ruffled fur scrambled through the trees, gasping at the sight.      Then, three TreeClan cats, Stonepelt, Pinefeather, and Frozeneye swiftly maneuvered their way through the bramble. It took them all a moment to take in the horrible scene in front of them. Soon though, Stonepelt cried out, "Windrose!" and flung himself to his daughter's side. Pinefeather, a ginger tabby tom hissed, "Murderers!" and leaped at the RoseClan cats. Frozeneye, a white she-cat with only one eye stood in the middle, unsure of what to do.
      "STOP!" Honeypaw cried out, "It was a badger, not RoseClan!" The fighting stopped. Honeypaw winced as a sharp pain ran through her neck. Stonepelt looked up at the cats before him, eyes glazed with tears, and whispered, "Let's get to camp. Honeypaw needs to see Mistybird."

So... there. Chapter 6.

Writing Contest Results

I'm sorry this is late.
I've been super busy.
However, I finally have the...

3rd Place Goes To...


"What's in the jar?" asked the young boy.
His grandfather answered wisely. "You will find out when I leave you."
The boy was scared. "Don't leave me Grandfather!"
The grandfather just smiled and placed a wrinkled hand one top of the young one. "Don't worry Simeon, we won't be separated forever." Simeon's eyes drifted up to the jar.
"No Grandfather, we won't!"
One year later.
Simeon reached up and grabbed the jar off the shelf. He remembered the conversation he had with Grandfather. After tucking the jar under his arm, he went outside and sat on the grass. Curiosity got the best of him, so he opened the jar. When he opened the jar there was a tiny flame at the bottom. He felt a flicker of hope. As most young boys would do, he stuck his hand into the jar. The flame was gone! In its place was a blue light; he had an idea! Quickly he raced inside and got a lighter. He stuck it in the bottom and turned it on. No luck. The light in the jar glowed an eerie green. Simeon remembered that color. When ever things didn't go the right way in Grandfather's house, like breaking a vase, flooding the kitchen, making a pool in the front yard, the jar would glow that green color. But when things went right or he had an idea, whether good or bad, it would glow blue. Simeon realized what it was. It was a thought jar. But where did it come from?

Wonderful entry Bella, it was quite creative!

2nd Place Goes To...


Find her entry here.

You did an extraordinary job when describing the scenery, and it was overall wonderfully written and very captivating.

And finally...
First place...
Goes to...


Find her entry here.

Olivia, you are an amazing writer and your entry was exciting and full of emotion. I loved it and that's why you won first place!

Thank you to everyone who entered! The prize for all of you is a guest post on any of my blogs! Just send it to me at .

Hope you had fun!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

A Whole Other World Chapter 6

     "Hey, Mistybird," Honeypaw called, with the normal upswing in her voice whenever she asked a question. "what happened to all of our poppy seeds?" 
      "Volenose's shoulder, and Windrose's paw got cut." Mistybird meowed tiredly from her nest. 
       "Okay, I'm going to fetch some. Do we need anything else?" 
       "No, thanks." The older cat set her head back on her paws. 
        Honeypaw padded out of the twig den. Two warriors were sunning outside the warriors' den.
        "Hey, Honeypaw," Smokeye meowed, stretching. "What can we do for you?"
        "I'm looking for Windrose." Honeypaw twitched her tail tip.
        "She's inside." Sunstripe mewed, and then closed his dark blue eyes.
        "Thanks, Sunstripe." Honeypaw slipped into the den.
         She padded over to the sleeping mound of pale orange fur. After prodding her mother awake, Honeypaw explained what they were doing. 
         "Okay, let's go to the Silent Clearing. There's always lots there." Windrose replied.
         The two she-cats padded out of the camp, and along the trail which was littered with dying leaves and empty nutshells. After a few minutes of walking they arrived in the Silent Clearing. The Silent Clearing was a thick circle of pine trees, and was named so because it see the birds never went to sing there. 

        After a while of plucking poppy heads, Honeypaw gave a satisfied nod. Suddenly the bushes rattled and Honeypaw saw a white stripe through the thick green foliage. The badger snarled and then lumbered toward them. Honeypaw dodged out of the way, but Windrose, who was slow with her old age, was not so lucky. The badger grasped the pale orange tabby in its strong jaws and bit. Windrose let out a scream of pain.
        "Windrose!!!!" Honeypaw screeched.
         A spatter of blood sprayed from the limp body across Honeypaw's face. The badger dropped Windrose and lumbered away, and Honeypaw hurried over to her. There were huge gaping wounds on her sides and there was blood everywhere.
         Windrose was dead.

My cousin Olivia wrote this. :) SHE KILLED MY FAVORITE CHARACTER!!!! DX DX


A Whole Other World ~ Chapter 5

Chapter 5

*seven moons later*

              "Get off of me Rainpaw!" Honeypaw screeched as her larger littermate tackled her. Rainpaw purred and stepped off his sister. Honeypaw couldn't help but purr as well as she lapped at her her ruffled fur. 
             "Honeypaw! Come here!" Mistybird shouted from the medicine den. "Coming!" Honeypaw called out as she bounded off to see Mistybird. Rainpaw was left in the clearing alone. It was sundown, and most cats were just grooming themselves, chatting, or sharing tongues. 
            "Hey Rainpaw." Leafclaw, the mottled brown tom who was Rainpaw's mentor said. "Did you get some fresh-kill?" He asked. "Not yet." Rainpaw mewed. "Why don't you? You worked hard in training today." Leafclaw pressed. "Okay." Rainpaw nodded as he headed to the fresh-kill pile which was in a small pit in the center of the clearing. Sniffing the pile, Rainpaw chose a large squirrel and sat down to eat it.
             Then Maplepaw, a small tortoiseshell she-cat with amber eyes came strolling over, a shrew in her jaws. Setting down the shrew, she asked, "Can I sit with you?" "Sure!" Rainpaw meowed quickly. His eyes lit up and his heart pounded in his chest. He started to worry Maplepaw could hear it. Rainpaw licked his white chest as Maplepaw started to nibble on her shrew. Felling silly, Rainpaw took a big bite of his squirrel.
              "How's your training going?" Maplepaw mewed casually. "It's great." Rainpaw meowed, "Leafclaw can be a little annoying at times, but other than that it's great." "Cool." Maplepaw said, "I love my training. Squirrelstorm is an awesome mentor."
               "Why thank you Maplepaw." Squirrelstorm purred from across the clearing where he was sharing a blackbird with his mate, a silver cat with blue eyes named Rippleflower.
                 With bravery, Rainpaw turned to Maplepaw. "Would you like to go on a walk with me?" He meowed. Maplepaw's eyes shone with happiness. "Sure!" She said, he tail straight up in the air.      

A Whole Other World - Chapter 4

Chapter 4

         Mistybird's heart skipped a beat as she practically flew to the nursery, her head bursting with fear for Windrose's life.  
         "Windrose!" She yowled, flinging herself into the nursery. What she found was not what she expected. Windrose was breathing steadily, and her kits were suckling wildly at her belly. Rainfur was by her side, licking her head and blinking slowly. "What's wrong?" Mistybird asked, confused. 
"Nothing!" Rainfur said, sitting up, "We called for you because we named the kits!" Mistybird sat down and her fur layed down. "Thank StarClan." She whispered to herself.
           "What'd you name them?" Mistybird purred. Rainfur proudly stood up and touched a large brown tom -kit with his nose. "This is Rainkit, named after me." He continued to a ginger tabby tom-kit. "This is Flamekit." The orange kit squirmed as Rainfur touched his tail to his tiny head. Continuing down the line of four toms and two she-kits, Rainfur introduced Stormkit, a dark grey tom, Sparrowkit, a light brown tom with extremely fluffy fur, and Honeykit and Ivykit, two identical brown tabby she-kits.
"They're wonderful." Mistybird breathed.

What'd you think?