Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Design A Character - FLC Assignment 2

'Lo everyone.
This is assignment 2 of FLC (Fantasy Literature Camp) hosted by Kathryn.

My Assignment:  Design a character! You can create one using various pictures  from the internet, Pinterest, or other source, but if you draw it, you get an extra 5 points.  10 pts if completed on time, 5 if not.

First, this is my drawing of my character.

I figured, this is FANTASY literature camp! Why make a boring old human when I can design a FAIRY?


       Poppy-Nellie is a pixie, and even by pixie standards, she's quite short. She stands at about 3 inches tall, and is a bit plump. Poppy has shoulder length dark purple hair, a freckled nose, and lively green eyes. She almost always wears her peach-pink dress with her special purple ribbon tied around her waist. She has wispy lavender wings and she is most proud of them, for they are quite pretty.
        Poppy is also very young for a fairy, she is only two hundred and four years old. Don't you worry though, this little pixie has had enough adventures in her lifetime for all the oldest fairies in the wood! She has run away from the land of the fairies to help humans and animals alike several times, which is forbidden by the new fairy law. Little Poppy-Nellie just can't help herself! She is too kind for her own good. Poppy is the sweetest pixie you'll ever meet, and if she continues to run away as much as she has, you might just get the chance to meet her someday!

I'm not going to lie, I had a ton of fun writing that. I thought it would be hard, but I LOVE the character I designed, little Poppy-Nellie!