Saturday, March 5, 2016

Maybe Someday - Page 6

     Peaceful and calm, I'm warm and curled in a tight ball. Then, suddenly, I'm jerked forward and crash down. I let out a pitiful noise. Lights flash and I hear a shriek. I breathe heavily and cry.
     My eyes snap open, and I realize I'm in my bed, my chest is heaving. I sigh, and turn over. Blue eyes are staring back at me. "Ah!" I squeak in alarm.
     "Sorry!" Madison says, flinching back. "You were crying in your sleep." I realize there's a wet spot on my pillow and my cheeks are sticky with tears. "Oh." I reply lamely. Everyone is awake now, even Vicky, the deepest sleeper ever. They peer at me in the dimly lit room, I can see them all. The sun is barely peaking up over the horizon out our window. I feel as though I woke it as well.
      "I'm sorry." I say. "It's ok." Madison replies, she quietly walks over to her own bed. Then everyone goes back to sleep, but I lay there, continuing to remember, or imagine, I'm not quite sure, the night that our car crashed, my parents died, and I, a 6 month old infant, disturbed from my nap, was changed forever.
       Later in the cafeteria, I silently pick at my bland oatmeal. Rain is noisily spattering on the tin roof. Scarlet of course, is sitting right by me, she doesn't say anything either. "Why are you so quiet?" I ask.
        "Hmm?" Scarlet says, perking up, "Oh, I was just thinking." "About..."I continue. "Nothing" Scarlet says. I don't pry.
        Outdoor hour is replaced by a movie. This was actually pretty cool as we rarely had access to television. We watched Monsters Inc. Kind of babyish, I know, but I still enjoyed it.
       The day dragged on, as boring and repetitive as the pounding rain. I spent quiet time reading Little House On The Prairie. I didn't get through much though, I couldn't concentrate with my roommates blabbering as much as they do. They're nice girls and all, but I really don't care about anything they talk about.
       By evening, the rain finally stops. I can see the muddy ground and battered trees through the clouded windows. I'm nibbling at my hotdog, wondering where Scarlet is, (I hadn't seen her at all since dinner started.) when suddenly, I'm yanked up from my table, and shuffled into the hallway. I try and get away, but the grip is too strong. I attempt to wiggle free, but then a familiar voice says, "It's me, Scarlet." Oh. I drop my arms and relax. "What are we doing here?" I ask. I'm very confused. This isn't even the main hallway, it's just a side corridor, dimly lit and smelling of dust.
       "Listen." Scarlet says. She flips her hair away from her eyes. They are bright and determined. "You want to get out of here, don't you Ginger?" I think I know what she has in mind. My lips tremble, "Well...Yeah, I guess so."
       "Well I'm getting out of here, today." I'm shocked. Scarlet continues, words solid, "Will you please come with me? I'd miss you so much. And you don't need to worry. I'll protect you." My eyes widen. I want to so very badly, but I can't... It's too risky. "Scarlet, I'm sorry, but... I can't" Her confidence deflates. "Alright, you've made your choice." She walks away, and turns down the hall. She'll probably sneak out a side door. I wonder, then, Will I ever see her again?