Thursday, June 18, 2015

I Drew Yesterday

So, yesterday it rained... ALL DAY! In fact, we were expecting a tropical storm, but not quite a hurricane luckily. Rain all day (Besides around 5 o' clock when I took those pictures from yesterday) means boring, it just does. And so, I ate pancakes, I watched Big Hero 6 TWICE (and I'd already seen it twice before btw), and I drew. Here I shall share with you what I drew. *WARNING: AWFUL DRAWINGS AHEAD*

I drew Tinkerbelle... sort of. I don't know!

Baymax! I actually drew several of him on one page but they all looked exactly the same so I just picked the biggest one to take a picture of.

This photo is very blurry but I'm too lazy to take another one. It's a cat... not a very good one.

This is my favorite scene from Big Hero 6. First I drew Mochi, then I drew Baymax, and then I drew the scene when Baymax holds Mochi and says, "Haaaaairy Baaaaaaby..."

Yep. That's what I did yesterday! Oh and I've decided I'll start doing what Maddie from Dolls On My Mind does, which is ask you a question in every post to get you talking in the comments! So the question today is... What's your favorite movie? Let me know in the comments! Bye!


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Some Nature Pics

                        I took a bunch of pictures yesterday, so I thought I'd share them.

That's a hibiscus flower that's in our front yard. Isn't it pretty? Which picture do you like best? Thanks for reading! Bye!

~Tenley (Who really needs to get onto making a new signature!)

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

My Favorite Animals

Kathryn did this earlier and I thought it was a good idea. So, here you have my favorite animals! 1 will be my top favorite, 2 my second favorite, and so on.

1. Horses

Wow. Tuesday is a lot redder than that... Anyway, I love horses so much. They're powerful and beautiful and gentle... Just look at their eyes, don't they look so caring?

2. Owls

They're just... impressive. Look at their wings, they can fly silently through the night, swooping down, radiating mystery.

3. Wolves

Okay, like most of these animals, wolves are powerful and beautiful at the same time. They're so civilized as well! They have their own packs, ranks, and rules!

4. Cheetahs

Especially cubs. They're so cute! I feel like they're so wise too... You can see intelligence in their eyes. Do I sound insane?

5. Deer

They're also adorable, and so alert. I love their ears. :)

What are your favorite animals?


Saturday, June 13, 2015

Fangirl Awesomeness

These are just some fun fangirl-things I found online. (Mainly memes.)

That one bugs me a bit because it's Camp Half-Blood, not "The Half-Blood Camp".

When Percy, Annabeth, and Grover had to go to the Underworld
Underworld security guard dude: So, how did you die?
Percy: We err... drowned in a bathtub.
Underworld security guard dude: All three of you?
Percy: It was a big bathtub.

What was your favorite? Most were Percy Jackson, some were Warriors. I love the "It was a really big bathtub." one. :P

~Tenley (Who is about to go make a better signature.)

New blog!

Don't worry, I'm still posting here!
I've just decided, that since I'm getting more and more into horses and riding, I'd make a blog for it. More details on the blog Here. Please check it out! Enjoy!


Monday, June 8, 2015

How 'bout some horses?

If you didn't know, I am completely horse crazy. Meaning, I am completely obsessed with them. In fact, I am posting this while I wait for my horse to finish eating her grain. Anyway, I've decided I'm going to devote my blog partly to horses. I'll still post about reading and writing, but I will make it a priority to post about horses quite a lot. I hope you don't mind this change, and even if you don't have horses, will still enjoy my posts about them. I just took some pictures to show you all my horse grooming supplies! Please check it out once it's posted! Bye!


Thursday, June 4, 2015

Spider-Peace-Fox (a very strange writing excercise)

I wanted to do some writing tonight. I figured, "Why do a regular Pinterest prompt?" So I went on Google and searched "writing excercise". I ended up with the triple noun excercise, which I have learned is a generator that gives you three words that you're supposed to use as a prompt. I got "peace, spider, fox". This will be interesting...

   "Hello Spider." Said the sly fox. "Why hello Mr.Fox." Said the polite and graceful spider. "What are you doing?" Fox asked, mocking Spider's good manners. "Just repairing my web." Spider told the Fox. "What happened to it?" Fox questioned. "A group of doves crashed into it this morning." The polite creature told him, "I have been working on it since daybreak." "Oh... Really?" The Fox peeped.

OKAY NO. JUST NO. This isn't working. Let's try a different plot.

       Peace. That's what we wanted. But what did we get? Foxes in the chicken coops. That's what life was like in Hovergoon, the small village South of the Kingdom Of Isingly. Now, you may think  foxes will make for a boring tale, but boy are you mistaken. You see, the foxes weren't always foxes. Usually, they were evil sorceresses disguised as foxes, trying to curse our chickens to kill us in our sleep- we'll get into that later.
      "Penelope darling, are you home?" My mother called as I entered the front door. "Yeeeeeeessssss." I called back. "Will you please go get me some eggs?" I dropped my shoulders. "Yes ma'am." I mumbled. Nervously and grumpily, I made my way out to the chicken coop. "Yiiip!" "FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOX!!!!" I screeched, falling backwards into a pile of straw. Mother came scurrying out the back door, a broom in her hand. "SHOO!" She bellowed. If you had been walking by it would have been hard not to laugh, it was quite the scene. The fox grew up and up, until it was in it's true form, a witch. Then, with a puff of smoke, the sorceress was gone. They knew better than to stick around after they'd been caught.
         So... Yes, we do have some problems around here. Even so, the  foxes aren't even close to as bad as the spiders... But that's another story.

I liked that second one a lot better than the first. What about you? Will you try out this excercise? (I'd be happy to give you some random words! :P) Bye guys!


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Some changes to my blog...

'Lo everyone.
I've made some changes to my blog, 1 I added a music playlist at the top of the page. And about that I just wanted to say I'm super sorry if you don't like any music on there, I have a very unique taste of music. :) If you listen to it, please let me know what you think of it! 2nd, I set my header back to default because on web view it cut off the words. I'M SO SORRY KATHRYN! I looooooved the way you made it for me, it's just that you couldn't read the name of my blog when I added it. Please don't be mad! Again, please tell me what you think of the music! Thanks for reading!


Monday, June 1, 2015

Modest Outfits To Bless~My New Outfit

I just went to Nordstoms and got an outfit for my 5th grade graduation. Here it is! (I'm using it for MOTB.)

I am in LOVE with it! And I'm not your girl who goes crazy over clothes, this dress is just simply BEAUTIFUL! This photo does not show just how wonderful it is.

Next, I have these sandals. I absolutely love the color.

Lastly is this pale pink headband with a little sparkle. It adds a nice touch to the outfit.

I hope you enjoyed this post! I sure did have fun making it, bye!