Thursday, June 4, 2015

Spider-Peace-Fox (a very strange writing excercise)

I wanted to do some writing tonight. I figured, "Why do a regular Pinterest prompt?" So I went on Google and searched "writing excercise". I ended up with the triple noun excercise, which I have learned is a generator that gives you three words that you're supposed to use as a prompt. I got "peace, spider, fox". This will be interesting...

   "Hello Spider." Said the sly fox. "Why hello Mr.Fox." Said the polite and graceful spider. "What are you doing?" Fox asked, mocking Spider's good manners. "Just repairing my web." Spider told the Fox. "What happened to it?" Fox questioned. "A group of doves crashed into it this morning." The polite creature told him, "I have been working on it since daybreak." "Oh... Really?" The Fox peeped.

OKAY NO. JUST NO. This isn't working. Let's try a different plot.

       Peace. That's what we wanted. But what did we get? Foxes in the chicken coops. That's what life was like in Hovergoon, the small village South of the Kingdom Of Isingly. Now, you may think  foxes will make for a boring tale, but boy are you mistaken. You see, the foxes weren't always foxes. Usually, they were evil sorceresses disguised as foxes, trying to curse our chickens to kill us in our sleep- we'll get into that later.
      "Penelope darling, are you home?" My mother called as I entered the front door. "Yeeeeeeessssss." I called back. "Will you please go get me some eggs?" I dropped my shoulders. "Yes ma'am." I mumbled. Nervously and grumpily, I made my way out to the chicken coop. "Yiiip!" "FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOX!!!!" I screeched, falling backwards into a pile of straw. Mother came scurrying out the back door, a broom in her hand. "SHOO!" She bellowed. If you had been walking by it would have been hard not to laugh, it was quite the scene. The fox grew up and up, until it was in it's true form, a witch. Then, with a puff of smoke, the sorceress was gone. They knew better than to stick around after they'd been caught.
         So... Yes, we do have some problems around here. Even so, the  foxes aren't even close to as bad as the spiders... But that's another story.

I liked that second one a lot better than the first. What about you? Will you try out this excercise? (I'd be happy to give you some random words! :P) Bye guys!



  1. OOH! Fox sorceresses! That was interesting- I would'nt have thought of that.

    1. Yeah, weird things happen when I'm bored with a story.

  2. I liked it! Please give me some random words!!!!!!!

  3. Hi Tenley! I'm so sorry but I didnt have enough time to do the Reading Challenge! Thanks for tagging me though!

  4. Wow, quite a story you've created! I like it alot.