Saturday, June 13, 2015

Fangirl Awesomeness

These are just some fun fangirl-things I found online. (Mainly memes.)

That one bugs me a bit because it's Camp Half-Blood, not "The Half-Blood Camp".

When Percy, Annabeth, and Grover had to go to the Underworld
Underworld security guard dude: So, how did you die?
Percy: We err... drowned in a bathtub.
Underworld security guard dude: All three of you?
Percy: It was a big bathtub.

What was your favorite? Most were Percy Jackson, some were Warriors. I love the "It was a really big bathtub." one. :P

~Tenley (Who is about to go make a better signature.)


  1. I love the "It was a really big bathtub" and "I'm ok" ones! :)

    - Ellie

  2. The Percy Jackson books were so funny! Alas, I lost interest in the 2nd book of the 2nd series where the Greek and roman gods were mixing. : (
    My friends love the Warriors books and are obsessed with the genealogy of all those cats. They filled 4 notebook pages with family trees.

    1. Yes they are! I'm a little nervous for when k begin the 2nd series... Warriors is great, I'm not surprised they did that. Warriors fans tend to be a bit obsessive. I was for a long time, but then I got into other books.

  3. Great post Tenley! I read the first Harry Potter and i tried to read the second one but kept quitting it for some reason! It was sooooo good!

    1. Thanks! None of these were Harry Potter references though...

  4. "it was a big bathtub" I SHOULDNT HAVE LAUGHED SO HARD AT THAT.