Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Things That Are Opening

This is challenge 1 of Emily's Writing Contest. The challenge is to "Make a list of things that are opening." Let's go!

1.  Opportunities
2. My dog's mouth. (he's barking.)
3. Now the lid of my chap-stick.
4. A new tab on my computer as I check if I'm doing this right. (I believe I am.)
5. A new elementary school in my town.
6. My mind. 
7. The window. I needed to open a window.
8. My door. My brother just walked in. (Thank you Tyler!)
9. Starbucks. They open new stores every week.
10. Boxes. I'm unpacking after our move, so there's a lot of boxes to open.

Wow. I had to get creative there. I did not realize how many things open as I write a post. You learn something new everyday!

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