Monday, August 17, 2015

A Whole Other World ~ Chapter 6

Chapter 6

    "No!!!!!!" Honeypaw shrunk down to the ground, and lapped at her dead mother's dusty fur. She was engulfed in the scents of badger and RoseClan, for they were right on the border. Honeypaw did not notice when a RoseClan patrol started to renew the scent markers.
     Honeypaw yowled with grief. A she-cat's meow came from beyond the trees, "Is everything alright?" The RoseClan cats had heard Honeypaw. Honeypaw managed to whisper in a pained voice, "Badger." That was when Honeypaw realized that through the flash of time that Windrose had died in, the badger had injured her as well. Honeypaw's neck stung horribly, with a deep scratch from the badger's cold claws.
    "Badger?!" A cat exclaimed. Then another voice asked, "May we cross the border?" "You may." Honeypaw mewed softly. Four cats with ruffled fur scrambled through the trees, gasping at the sight.      Then, three TreeClan cats, Stonepelt, Pinefeather, and Frozeneye swiftly maneuvered their way through the bramble. It took them all a moment to take in the horrible scene in front of them. Soon though, Stonepelt cried out, "Windrose!" and flung himself to his daughter's side. Pinefeather, a ginger tabby tom hissed, "Murderers!" and leaped at the RoseClan cats. Frozeneye, a white she-cat with only one eye stood in the middle, unsure of what to do.
      "STOP!" Honeypaw cried out, "It was a badger, not RoseClan!" The fighting stopped. Honeypaw winced as a sharp pain ran through her neck. Stonepelt looked up at the cats before him, eyes glazed with tears, and whispered, "Let's get to camp. Honeypaw needs to see Mistybird."

So... there. Chapter 6.

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