Saturday, August 1, 2015

A Whole Other World Chapter 6

     "Hey, Mistybird," Honeypaw called, with the normal upswing in her voice whenever she asked a question. "what happened to all of our poppy seeds?" 
      "Volenose's shoulder, and Windrose's paw got cut." Mistybird meowed tiredly from her nest. 
       "Okay, I'm going to fetch some. Do we need anything else?" 
       "No, thanks." The older cat set her head back on her paws. 
        Honeypaw padded out of the twig den. Two warriors were sunning outside the warriors' den.
        "Hey, Honeypaw," Smokeye meowed, stretching. "What can we do for you?"
        "I'm looking for Windrose." Honeypaw twitched her tail tip.
        "She's inside." Sunstripe mewed, and then closed his dark blue eyes.
        "Thanks, Sunstripe." Honeypaw slipped into the den.
         She padded over to the sleeping mound of pale orange fur. After prodding her mother awake, Honeypaw explained what they were doing. 
         "Okay, let's go to the Silent Clearing. There's always lots there." Windrose replied.
         The two she-cats padded out of the camp, and along the trail which was littered with dying leaves and empty nutshells. After a few minutes of walking they arrived in the Silent Clearing. The Silent Clearing was a thick circle of pine trees, and was named so because it see the birds never went to sing there. 

        After a while of plucking poppy heads, Honeypaw gave a satisfied nod. Suddenly the bushes rattled and Honeypaw saw a white stripe through the thick green foliage. The badger snarled and then lumbered toward them. Honeypaw dodged out of the way, but Windrose, who was slow with her old age, was not so lucky. The badger grasped the pale orange tabby in its strong jaws and bit. Windrose let out a scream of pain.
        "Windrose!!!!" Honeypaw screeched.
         A spatter of blood sprayed from the limp body across Honeypaw's face. The badger dropped Windrose and lumbered away, and Honeypaw hurried over to her. There were huge gaping wounds on her sides and there was blood everywhere.
         Windrose was dead.

My cousin Olivia wrote this. :) SHE KILLED MY FAVORITE CHARACTER!!!! DX DX


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