Saturday, August 1, 2015

A Whole Other World ~ Chapter 5

Chapter 5

*seven moons later*

              "Get off of me Rainpaw!" Honeypaw screeched as her larger littermate tackled her. Rainpaw purred and stepped off his sister. Honeypaw couldn't help but purr as well as she lapped at her her ruffled fur. 
             "Honeypaw! Come here!" Mistybird shouted from the medicine den. "Coming!" Honeypaw called out as she bounded off to see Mistybird. Rainpaw was left in the clearing alone. It was sundown, and most cats were just grooming themselves, chatting, or sharing tongues. 
            "Hey Rainpaw." Leafclaw, the mottled brown tom who was Rainpaw's mentor said. "Did you get some fresh-kill?" He asked. "Not yet." Rainpaw mewed. "Why don't you? You worked hard in training today." Leafclaw pressed. "Okay." Rainpaw nodded as he headed to the fresh-kill pile which was in a small pit in the center of the clearing. Sniffing the pile, Rainpaw chose a large squirrel and sat down to eat it.
             Then Maplepaw, a small tortoiseshell she-cat with amber eyes came strolling over, a shrew in her jaws. Setting down the shrew, she asked, "Can I sit with you?" "Sure!" Rainpaw meowed quickly. His eyes lit up and his heart pounded in his chest. He started to worry Maplepaw could hear it. Rainpaw licked his white chest as Maplepaw started to nibble on her shrew. Felling silly, Rainpaw took a big bite of his squirrel.
              "How's your training going?" Maplepaw mewed casually. "It's great." Rainpaw meowed, "Leafclaw can be a little annoying at times, but other than that it's great." "Cool." Maplepaw said, "I love my training. Squirrelstorm is an awesome mentor."
               "Why thank you Maplepaw." Squirrelstorm purred from across the clearing where he was sharing a blackbird with his mate, a silver cat with blue eyes named Rippleflower.
                 With bravery, Rainpaw turned to Maplepaw. "Would you like to go on a walk with me?" He meowed. Maplepaw's eyes shone with happiness. "Sure!" She said, he tail straight up in the air.      

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