Saturday, August 1, 2015

A Whole Other World - Chapter 4

Chapter 4

         Mistybird's heart skipped a beat as she practically flew to the nursery, her head bursting with fear for Windrose's life.  
         "Windrose!" She yowled, flinging herself into the nursery. What she found was not what she expected. Windrose was breathing steadily, and her kits were suckling wildly at her belly. Rainfur was by her side, licking her head and blinking slowly. "What's wrong?" Mistybird asked, confused. 
"Nothing!" Rainfur said, sitting up, "We called for you because we named the kits!" Mistybird sat down and her fur layed down. "Thank StarClan." She whispered to herself.
           "What'd you name them?" Mistybird purred. Rainfur proudly stood up and touched a large brown tom -kit with his nose. "This is Rainkit, named after me." He continued to a ginger tabby tom-kit. "This is Flamekit." The orange kit squirmed as Rainfur touched his tail to his tiny head. Continuing down the line of four toms and two she-kits, Rainfur introduced Stormkit, a dark grey tom, Sparrowkit, a light brown tom with extremely fluffy fur, and Honeykit and Ivykit, two identical brown tabby she-kits.
"They're wonderful." Mistybird breathed.

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