Friday, July 31, 2015

A Whole Other World ~ A Warriors Fanfiction: Chapter 3

Chapter 3

     "I must go to the Moon Den!" Mistybird thought. Windrose groaned in her nest, and Mistybird walked over to her. "What's wrong?" She asked softly. "I feel weak... And my sides are sore." Windrose rasped. "Okay," Mistybird said, "I'll be right back." She nodded to Rainfur and Petalstar. Petalstar nodded back and left the den. Rainfur stayed by his mate's side, his eyes wide with worry. Mistybird sighed, and her tail twitched. She needed to be there for Windrose, but she had to learn more about the prophecy. Then she caught a glimpse of Rainfur, whispering to his mate in the nursery. "I have to stay here." She said to herself. "Huh?" Rainfur asked, lifting his head up. "Oh! Nothing, I'm just going to go get Windrose some herbs." Mistybird said, flicking her ears. "Okay." Rainfur dipped his head. 
     Mistybird walked off to the medicine den, and grabbed some borage leaves, chamomile, and poppy seeds. Then she quickly put the poppy seeds back, worried that they would make her too drowsy. When she stepped into the nursery, she heard faint snoring coming from Windrose, her six kits now sleeping as well. She handed the bunch of herbs to Rainfur, and asked him to give them to her when she woke up. Then Mistybird headed to Petalstar's den. 
  On the way there a large grey tom stopped her. "Hello Stonepelt." She said. Stonepelt was Windrose's father, as well as deputy of Treeclan. "How is Windrose?" He asked. Mistybird realized nobody knew anything about the birth yet. It was still early, and most cats were on patrol when it happened. "She's fine. She's sleeping right now, but you can go see her if you wish." Mistybird blinked softly, Stonepelt looked relieved to hear she was doing okay. Mistybird wasn't going to tell him that Mistybird was anything but "fine". She was lying to every cat, but she wasn't going to give up on Windrose yet. "How many kits?" Stonepelt asked. "Six," Mistybird replied, "Four tons and two she-cats." "Six! Wow!" Stonepelt said, his eyes widening. Mistybird purred. "I've got to go see Petalstar now." She said as she dipped her head to Stonepelt. 
"Petalstar?" Mistybird called as she entered the leader's den. "Yes?" Petalstar asked, stepping up to Mistybird, "Is something wrong?" "No!" Mistybird exclaimed. Petalstar jumped back. "I mean... No. Nothing's wrong. I came to tell you that I want to stay here with Windrose, and won't be going to the Moon Den. Could I send a warrior to explain why?" Mistybird fidgeted as she spoke. "Of course, as long as they don't cross any borders." Petalstar said, her sea green eyes looking directly at Mistybird. "Great!" Mistybird said, and she rushed out of the tree, jumping down into the clearing." 
  Mistybird padded up to the first warrior she saw, a young tortoiseshell she-cat named Lilytail.
 She explained what she needed Lilytail to do, and the young cat blinked her green eyes, dipped her head, and bounded off.
"Mistybird, come quick!" Mistybird heard Rainfur yowl from the nursery.

Ooh... A cliff hanger! Mwahahahahahaha ;) 

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