Saturday, September 5, 2015

AWOW - Warriors Fanfic - Chapter 9

         "Put more push into your pounce!" Sparrowpaw's mentor, Gingerpelt shouted at him as he landed on top of a black and white apprentice twice his size. He threw Sparrowpaw off easily, twisting around and flipping him over. "Nice job Thornpaw!" Gingerpelt meowed.  Sparrowpaw bristled with anger, he despised Thornpaw.
          "Hey Sparrowpaw!!!!!" An unmistakable cheery voice rang through the clearing. Sparrowpaw twisted around and bounded over to join his sister. "H-Honeypaw! You're... up!" He stammered. "Yes..." Honeypaw replied sheepishly. "That's great." Sparrowpaw meowed.
            "You should probably get back to training though." Honeypaw whispered, she'd noticed Thornpaw and Gingerpelt staring, Gingerpelt didn't seem to mind, but Thornpaw looked annoyed that their training session had been interrupted. "Oh, right!" Sparrowpaw said, he would have much rather talked to his sister than get beat up by Thornpaw, but he didn't argue.
         Honeypaw went to talk to her siblings one by one, they were all astonished to find her back to her normal, cheerful self.
         Later that day, Honeypaw, settling down to eat a mouse, looked up at the setting sun. "Beautiful." She whispered.
          Ivypaw came to sit next to her. "Isn't it?" She mewed. Then she went quiet. "Look over there." She whispered. She pointed to Rainpaw, he was sitting with Maplepaw. Rainpaw licked Maplepaw's ear, and whispered something to her. Honeypaw smiled warmly, "I know." She told Ivypaw.


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