Monday, September 14, 2015

A Lost World - Chapter 10

Chapter 10 - Mistybird POV - 1 moon later

         Mistybird yawned as she got up from her nest and began to lick her paw. Honeypaw was already up on her paws, sorting through the herb storages. A brisk wind blew through the camp, and Mistybird shivered. It was leaf-bare now, and while the clan was doing fine, She was worried about the moons to come. 
        "Good morning." She mewed to Honeypaw. "Oh good morning Mistybird!" Honeypaw said with happiness. It seemed like Honeypaw never worried. Mistybird sighed, she remembered what she had to do that day. "What's wrong?" Honeypaw asked, turning to face the large grey medicine cat. "Honeypaw," Mistybird mewed, "I need you to go get Flamepaw, Stonepaw, Rainpaw, Sparrowpaw, and Ivypaw, then meet me outside of camp." "All of them...?" Honeypaw asked, confused. "Yes." Mistybird replied, and she quickly walked out of LeafClan camp. 
         Mistybird sat down outside camp in the early morning sunshine. "Hey Mistybird." Petalstar meowed poking her head out of the camp entrance. "Oh... Hi." Mistybird said, startled. "What are you doing out here?" Petalstar eyed Mistybird skeptically. "Oh... oh- Just collecting some... poppy seeds!" Mistybird panicked, scuffling her paws along the ground, lucky for her, some wilted poppies were on the ground beside her. "Well, okay then." Petalstar replied, she ducked back under the passageway into camp, but Mistybird doubted she believed her. With a flick of her tail, she stood up, just in time to hear the commotion of six cats pushing their way out of camp.
         "Sorry Mistybird, Rainfur stopped us." Honeypaw said apologetically. "That's alright, come" Mistybird said, she motioned with her tail and soon the group of cats were moving along through the forest, traveling as far away from camp as possible. They couldn't risk any cat hearing what was about to be revealed.
         "Stop." Mistybird said. The cats behind her stumbled at the abrupt stop and then sat down. "What is going on?" Ivypaw hissed, "It's freezing out here!" "I know, I know," Mistybird mewed, "But this can't wait. I should have told you long ago..." 
         "Told us what?!" Flamepaw asked, obviously very confused. 
          "Listen, eight moons ago, before you were born, I had a vision. A prophecy." Clearing her throat, Mistybird repeated the prophecy that was uttered to her in a cloudy vision, "Six cats of wind and rain will travel far, to find forgotten kin." 
        After a moment, the litter-mates all understood what the old cat told them. "That doesn't make sense!" Sparrowpaw exclaimed, we can't be part of a prophecy!" "Forgotten kin? What forgotten kin?" Ivypaw hissed. "Huh? What?!" Rainpaw shouted. "Travel where?" The cats all spoke in a jumbled rush of confusion.
         "Quiet!" It was Honeypaw who spoke. "Let- Let Mistybird talk." The chaos settled and the medicine cat said in a pained voice, "Yes, you ARE part of the prophecy. I can't change that, but I will help you. Listen, something bad is coming, I don't know what yet, but you're going to change that. I'll explain more as I learn more... Your mentors must be waiting. Go now, don't worry yet, there will be plenty of time for that, for now, just focus on your training. Goodbye." Every stunned one of the cats slowly got up and wandered back to camp. Honeypaw stayed though, "So it is true..." She mumbled, squinting her eyes.

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  1. Awesome writing! I always enjoy reading your stuff.
    I'm holding a writing prompt contest on my blog, and I thought it seems like the sort if thing you'd like!

    - Ellie