Saturday, September 5, 2015

A Whole Other World: + Chapter.... whatever the next one is.

         "Honeypaw, you okay?" Ivypaw whispered, slipping into the dark medicine den. Honeypaw shuffled in her nest, but didn't reply. "Hello?" Ivypaw mewed carefully. Honeypaw hadn't been herself since Windrose's death, and had hardly done anything since. Flamepaw, Sparrowpaw, Rainpaw, and Stormpaw appeared behind Ivypaw. Sometimes Honeypaw wished she hadn't been born in such a big litter. "Go away." She murmered.
         "Windrose wouldn't have wanted you to act like this. She'd want you to be happy." Rainpaw meowed, pushing himself to the front, which wasn't hard considering his size.
          "Shoo!" Mistybird mewed through a mouthful of herbs. The crowd of Honeypaw's litter-mates moved aside, and the grumpy medicine cat came into the den, dropping a pile of leaves and seeds. She glanced at Honeypaw and sighed, "You have to get up dear." Honeypaw flicked her tail in refusal but Mistybird grabbed the scruff of her neck and stood her up. "Go get me some chervil, we're running out." Honeypaw glanced over at the herb supply, there were more than enough chervil leaves.            
         "But-" Honeypaw tried to protest, but Mistybird stopped her, "Go. Get. Some. Chervil." Her blue eyes were stern, so Honeypaw stepped out of the medicine den. Although she was too guilty to admit it, relief rushed over her. She could almost feel Mistybird's warm gaze behind her.

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