Friday, July 3, 2015

5 Random Facts About Me ~ 31 Day Blogging Challenge

Tenley here.
As always.
Today I have 5 random facts about me, because I'm doing this 31 Days Of Blogger Challenges thingy that I found on A Southern Girl's Life blog. Day 1 is post 5 random facts about yourself... Here we go!

1. 10 is my lucky number.
Because my name is TENley. Get it? Ahahahahahahah... Ha.

2. I used to LOVE Littlest Pet Shops.
I had like a million LPS's and I would play with them for hours in an imaginary world called Petland. That was totally not weird. I was like 5. Deal with it.

3. I've had the same bed since I stopped sleeping in a crib.
I'm hoping I'll get a daybed soon. They're cool.

4. I love cookie dough.
Cookie dough icecream is awesome.

5. I just now realized its past midnight.

Hope you liked that! As mentioned before I just realized it is WAY past when I was supposed to go to bed, considering the fact that I have to get up at 7 tomorrow for our yard sale, I should probably get to sleep.

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