Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Ghost Of Mulberry Lane

Hi! I found an interesting picture prompt, (via Google Images) and decided to write a short story for it! I present to you, The Ghost Of Mulberry Lane!
(Sorry Blogger won't let me post the picture for some reason...)

   The legend of The Ghost of Mulberry Lane started on a breezy summer day in 1972. Mandy Johnson was riding her bicycle along the old dirt road of Mulberry Lane, when she spotted an old woman reading a  book on a bench. The cover of the book was tattered and worn, but the lady was not so. She had light wrinkles by her eyes, and her hair was gray, but the woman had an elegant black dress, and her gray hair was long and flowing. What Mandy didn't realize- was that Mrs.Pepperson's hair was not only flowing... But glowing as well. Mandy approached her and snickered, she loved pranking her neighbors, and Mandy was already thinking of all the ways she could snatch the lady's book and run... Or pull her black feathered hat right off her head from behind the bench. Mandy, crouched behind a nearby bush, was a very naughty, very mischievous girl. Then, before Mandy could make her move, Mrs.Pepperson disappeared, just vanished. Mandy was petrified in fear, but she moved just an inch to look onto the seat of the bench, where in neat cursive handwriting, a note was written. The note read, You never prank a ghost... Ever. And from that day on, the neighbors didn't have to worry about naughty children in their bushes, Mrs.Pepperson had taken care of that.

What did you think? That was my first try at writing about a ghost, but I decided I wouldn't make it scary anyway. I feel like it was an only an o-k short story, but it was a great writing exercise! Please leave your input in the comments! Bye,



  1. Oh, that's a really good story! And sometimes you don't have to have straight out gore or spookiness for a story to be creepy. ; )


  2. I love the plot! :) Such a unique twist on a ghost story.

    - Ellie