Sunday, May 17, 2015

Book Challenge/Tag

Oh hello dear readers!
How are you? I'm hoping you're good. I am doing fairly fine myself. Kathryn, at Hobbits and Hippogriffs recently tagged me for a book or reading challenge! So... I have to answers some questions, and tag some people. So... I tag:

Lydia (Through The Wardrobe)
Rukiya (Shine N Elevate)
Emily (Dancing In The Moonlight)

Now, here are the questions!

1.April TBR (To be read?)
It's well into May... But I'd like to finish the Percy Jackson and The Olympians series by the end of May,

2.Book or series you would like to see as a movie?
Hmm... Leven Thumps and The Gateway To Foo... That would make an awesome movie.

3. Overhyped book or author?
I'm so sorry Kathryn but, Tolkien. I just... Don't get what all the fuss is about. His books are... Meh.

4.The best book series you will ever read?
Oh there are so many amazing series! Warriors, Ember, Percy Jackson, Hunger games, The Penderwicks...I could go on and on.

5.The first Hunger Games movie was definitely NOT as good as the book!!!

6.Books that just made you cry?
Oh sad books... :( I cried when reading Warriors, I cried when reading Cracker, I cried in so many sad but great books.... I get really attached to the characters I'm reading about.

7. Book that you're currently reading? Give it a quick rating.
I actually am not reading anything... I finished Sea Of Monsters by Rick Riordon yesterday though. It was awesome. 9/10 rating

8.A book series you just didn't like?
I didn't really like LOTR or The Hobbit...

9.Book that you haven't read but really need to?
All my friends want me to read "Divergent".

10. If you could only read 5 books for the rest of your life what would they be? (No series!)
Okay... I'm going to try and get some balance between genres here... The Lightning Thief, The Penderwicks, Catching Fire, Mrs.Frisby and The Rats Of Nymh, and Sunset. That's pretty balanced... Some YA, some classics childrens, some animal-based, yep.

This was super fun! Oh and I'm supposed to replace #10, so for the people I tagged, What character from a book reminded you of yourself the most? Have fun! And have a nice day! Bye!



  1. Books! Yeah! I love your new blog design!


    1. Lol. Thank you! Kathryn from Hobbits and Hippogriffs made it for me!

  2. Hey, Tenley! Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a tag. =)
    xo Adi

  3. I just realized I typed "So..." twice. Sorry guys!

  4. Hiya! Thanks for tagging me! I'll post all my answers up on thursday!

    I haven't ever found anyone else who likes them - they're such a great series!

    - Ellie

    1. I love them too! Who's your favorite character? I love Jane, she's just like me! (You're the only person I've found that also likes them.)

  6. It was fun reading your answers!
    Wow, the Penderwicks? YAY! I've only read the first, but I read that one twice. : D
    Oh, and I liked The Hunger Games and Catching Fire, but I gave up on Mockingjay because it was so boring and kinda sad...without the action packed interest.

    1. Yay! I'm glad someone else likes them! I've read them all. ;)