Saturday, May 30, 2015

Randomness and My Sketchbook

What's up? I wasn't sure what to post today, as I feel like I have bombarded you with my lousy writing enough lately. Despite that, I wanted to post, so I took my sketchbook out and took pictures of every page. (I probably won't post all of them.) Before I share my rather pathetic artwork with you, I'd like to share some randomness that I feel you need to see. First off...

My brother's photograph. He is amazing. Then again, he does have a great camera... I have only my iPhone. Either way this picture is astonishing, he took it for photography class. My apologies for the shadow of me taking a picture of his picture. Second,

That's Gruff. Isn't he cute? He's from Tinkerbell and the Legend Of The Netherbeast. Watch that movie, and you'll be in love with this cute fella. He kind of reminds me of Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon.

Okay, now you get to see my sketchbook. It's rather embarrassing...

That's umm... a flower. Yeah. 

That would be a girl I know's horse, Eva The Diva. I did horribly in drawing her, the muzzle looks like a beak, her front leg is coming out of her chest, and her ears are cone-shaped. What the heck was I thinking???

Ugh Blogger is being so annoying... Anyway, here's a drawing of my horse, Ruby Tuesday.

Sorry it's sideways, I'm too lazy to go fix it on Picmonkey. Just tilt your head, It's Toothless the dragon.


I think that's a fox.

It's a BLUE owl! Yaaaaaay.... -_-

It's a girl... she's either dancing or jumping. You decide.

Umm... no comment.

I drew this dog a while ago. I feel like it doesn't look right, but I can't tell what's wrong! 

WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THAT?! This horse is totally not proportionate, and the legs... don't get me started.

I kind of like this one! It's a very arab-looking horse, trotting down the hill. The only thing is... the shadow. *face palm*

Once again, no comment.

"Hug me!" Says the panda bear.

I drew this for Small Dolls In a Big World, it's supposed to be Kanani at the beach, with the sunset behind her.

There's Gruff! 

That's all I think I'll post, but I may share more of my artwork in the future. Do you like to draw? If so, what are you best at? I love hearing from you in the comments! Bye!