Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Is my writing really THAT bad?!

Hi guys... I have a little question for you, is my writing terrible? You guys seem to think so. :( I got 0 comments on the "Beyond" story parts... That's why I haven't posted Part 4. I'm starting to think my writing isn't good enough to post... Is that true? If so, I'll stop posting it so you don't have to deal with it. Please be honest, Am I a bad writer?



  1. Your writing is not at all bad! I didn't comment because I read it on your other blog. Keep writing! I am being honest. Maybe some people don't like the genre. (A certain type of things.) Personally I don't like sci-fi things as much. But your story really isn't sci-fi. Maybe the other people who read your other blog wasn't come over to this blog. Hope I helped Tenley!

  2. Oh, thanks Bella. I would not call my story sci-fi either, fantasy fiction possibly?

  3. Hm, I commented but I don't think it went through. : /
    Your writing is amazing! Sometimes I don't have time to comment on posts, or I miss them due to my crazy blog feed.

    1. Thanks a lot Kathryn! ;) That's okay, we all are busy sometimes.