Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Forest Guardian ~ Fantasy Literature Camp 2016

I'm so excited to partake in the challenges and activities of Kathryn's Fantasy Literature Camp. Today's was to design a fantasy creature, here's mine. Instead of a boring description, I thought I'd just write a short piece about my creature to answer the questions.

     The heroes strided along the overgrown pathway, until it ended and they were forced to trudge through brush and sticks. After a long while, they came to a dense forest. It had a clear beginning; yet no apparent end. Grudgingly, they continued on, but as soon as they set foot on the forest floor, they heard an unmistakable sound. "SC-REEEEEEEEE!" A Guardian's call rang across the land. Within a single second, a massive shadow swooped above them, swirled to the ground, turned to face them, and revealed a creature with both terrifying and beautiful features.
     She, or it, (a mixture of the two would be most accurate.) glared sharply at them with her seemingly human eyes. Her warm mocha skin was riddled with green designs, like the surface of a leaf. She had fangs sharp as needles, and a flickering snake tongue in the center of her snarl. She had long, dark brown hair that spiraled in curls down to her ankles. She was sparingly clothed in ragged cloths, but she stood her ground so confidently, that she could have been wearing the finest of gowns. Majestic eagle-like wings spread out behind her, feathers as long as your forearm. Her feet were replaced by sharp, pointed talons.
     She was a Guardian. A fearsome... thing... that protects nature. This particular creature was a Forest Guardian, created to defend the lush forests that are home to many other animals. They are fierce creatures, for most humans who attempt to enter their natural kingdoms don't make it out alive.
    You may be wondering, did our heroes make it? Hmm... I wonder too.

I hope this isn't too late, Kathryn! I was drawing the Guardian, but then I took too long, and it got late... But it's definitely still the 9th! It's just late. 9:30PM.

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