Saturday, January 23, 2016

Maybe Someday - Page 4

I know I'm writing these pages way too fast but it's so much fun to write and... eeeeh! I love writing Maybe Someday!

     I'm still on the ground. My hands are scraped from falling on them, and they're splintered from the ancient wooden steps. I keep on screaming, crying, sobbing, weeping. It seems like I've had my happiness sucked out of my body and years of distress are pouring from within me.
     Then, behind me, I hear a shout. I look up from the ground, tears now silently falling as my yowls of despair turn to whimpers. In the school's doorway, students are crowded. I assume they were watching me, but now something different has found their attention. Everyone gasps, and people quickly shuffle out of the way. As the mass of people clears, I hear another shout.
     And then I see Ben, on the ground. A pale girl with black hair hovers above him. "This is what you get for bullying! You're no better than she is, heck, you're filth compared to her. Get up and never do something like that again. If you do, I won't be so nice next time." I'm dumbfounded. Ben is clutching his stomach and stumbling to his feet. The girl turns and walks to me, kids rush to get out of her path. She helps me up and I stutter, "Th-thanks."
     "No problem." She says, "You shouldn't let Ben push you around like that. I've seen it before, and this time, he went too far." She brushes her bangs out of her face, and I see her eyes for the first time. They're a brilliant amber, I might even call them orange. "I'm Scarlet by the way." She tells me.
     Ms.Bailey comes up, she looks obviously shaken. "Ben, go to the nurse." She says. "Scarlet, Ginger, you're coming with me." She herds us off, I know where we're going.
    We're going to Mr.Befknock, the head of Pinewood orphanage. You do not want to meet him. Kids only see Mr.Befknock if they've done something serious. Being involved in a fight directly in front of your teacher is definitely considered serious. I'm terrified, but Scarlet, she looks like she doesn't regret a thing.

Sorry for the short page but I wanted to stop there for now. The idea of Scarlet came from my cousin Olivia. (Click HERE to see her DeviantArt) Pretty interesting character, huh?


  1. Love this part! Ooh, I can't wait to find out more about Scarlet. Also, I forget if I've mentioned this already, but I'm holding a writing showcase on my blog I thought you might be interested in!

    - Ellie

    1. Thank you! Yes, I love Scarlet! Ooh! Sounds fun! I'll check it out!