Saturday, November 28, 2015

Twinklebelle's Early! - Short Story

Do you know what "Elf on The Shelf" is? If not... here's a link to the website: The basic story behind these little "Scout Elves" is that Santa sends one to your house to keep an eye on you the month leading up to Christmas. The elf reports back to Santa every night and informs him if you've been naughty or nice. Usually, the elves arrive on December 1st, but my friend's elf, "Twinklebelle" came early this year! She came on Thanksgiving. I've decided to write a short story on why she came early. I know it's kind of a childish subject, but I just think I'm going to have a ton of fun writing this... Enjoy!
     Twinklebelle was dangling her feet over the edge of her bunk-bed in her dorm. Twinklebelle shared the dorm with all the other elves that went to children in the same town as her. Most elves hadn't finished this year's Scout training yet, so only 5 other elves were here, Handbone, Jimbo, Garvin, Marvin, and Buster. These elves happened to travel to Twinklebell's family's cousins.
     "What day did you get chosen to leave on?" Twinklebelle asked with a tone of boredom. She'd finished her training over a week ago, and she was growing very tired of having nothing to do all day long.
     "Tomorrow!" The elves replied happily. Twinklebelle squeaked, "Oh!". It was very lucky to get chosen to leave tomorrow, it was the first possible return day, Thanksgiving! "You're so lucky!" She replied enviously.
     "We know," Buster replied, "I'm really excited."
       Twinklebelle sighed. Now she was sad. Her kids, Emma, Luke, and Kate, wouldn't see her for another week! Then she got an idea, why shouldn't they? Twinklebelle had already finished her training! Right away she decided to go ask Santa if she could leave early.
     She jumped off the bed, startling her 5 cousins who were chatting about how much fun they were going to have this December. "I'm going to see Santa!" She shouted. And with that, she rushed out of the dorm, leaving the other elves staring at the flapping door behind her.
      Twinklebelle rushed down the elf sized hallways and turned into Santa's hall. Out of breath from her burst of excitement, she skid to a halt, panting, and knocked on the big wooden door.
     "Come in!" A deep, cheerful voice rang out. Twinklebelle pushed open the tiny elf entryway that was formed like a doggie-door into Santa's door. She stepped quietly into his office, now shaking. What if he says no?
     "Who's there?" Santa asked, peering over his desk.
      "M-Me." Twinklebelle replied, "T-Twinklebelle."
      "Ah! Hello, Twinklebelle!" Santa said jollily, "What can I do for you?
       Twinklebelle took a deep breath, and then a jumble of words poured out of her mouth, "CanImaybeifit'sokleaveearly-I'vefinishedmytrainingandI-" Santa held up a hand to silence the blabbering Twinklebelle. "Excuse me?" He said, squinting his eyes. Twinklebelle bit her lip in embarrassment, and then started again, "I was just wondering if... I could leave tomorrow instead of my original departure date, Decembe 1st." Santa eyed her skeptically, "Have you finished your training?" Twinklebell smiled, "Yes!"
     "Well then..." Santa started, "I don't see why not." Twinklebelle's eyelashes fluttered with excitement, "Yippee!" She squeaked. Santa chuckled, "Have fun."
       The next day, Twinklebelle was soaring over her family's town with her cousins. They had decided to land at the kid's Granny's house, so that they could meet the kids there. They left a note inside the house, sneaking around so they wouldn't be seen. "Let's hide over there!" Twinklebelle whispered, pointing at the well. The elves whooshed through the air and planted themselves in the well, giggling and saying, "Shh!" They were so happy when the kids ran outside to find them in the well.


  1. Love it! So fun and sweet, and definitely gets me in the mood for Christmas.
    Do you have an Elf on a Shelf? My family does. His name is Pippin :)

    1. Thank you!
      Yes we do, her name is Macy. ;) They're really fun, aren't they?

  2. I love Elf on The Shelf! We have 3 (one for each kid). Mine's named Pumpkin Spice. I want to change it to Noelle or Holly, if you can do that.. ??

    Lovely story :)

    1. I like Holly! I don't know, maybe you should write her a note and ask her yourself! My elf's name is Macy.

  3. This was an adorable story. <3