Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A Whole Other World - A Warriors Fanfiction: Prologue and Chapter One

I just finished the last Warriors book, The Last Hope, and let me tell you... IT WAS SOOOO SAD!!! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAA! It was just too much!!!! I loved it though. I simply LOVE ALL of the Warriors series. IT IS FLAWLESS! Today I thought I'd share some Warriors fanfiction I've written. This is "A Whole Other World" prologue and chapter 1.
         Beyond the Clans at the lake, beyond even the forest abandoned long ago, a whole other set of Clans lie. They were guided by their own warrior ancestors, that hunted in an entire different realm of StarClan. The two separate sets of Clans had long since forgotten each other, and no living or StarClan cat remembered the time so long ago, when eight Clans lived together.
         Yet just as the Clans around the lake had defeated their own Place Of No Stars, a different part of the Dark Forest was rising. The eight Clans, separated so long ago, must unite to defeat the force of the growing power of the Place Of No Stars.

                                                                         Chapter 1

           "Hello Mistybird." Volenose, a brown tom with a muzzle turning grey said to Leafclan's medicine cat. "Hello Volenose." Mistybird replied through a mouthful of dock leaves she was carrying to the medicine den. Setting the herbs down, she asked the senior warrior, " How is your sore shoulder?" "Just fine." Volenose replied, "It's feeling much better. You should stop fussing over me and pay attention to Windrose, her kits should be here any day now, correct?" "Yes, and it seems to me that it will be at least four kits, that's much too many for her age! But you, Volenose, will be retiring to the elders den soon, and you can't argue with that!" Mistybird snorted, and scurried back to the medicine den with her dock leaves.
           Leafclan's medicine den was made completely out of brambles and brush, shaped into a small cave. It needed frequent upkeep to keep it water-tight and warm for Mistybird and her patients. The Leafclan camp itself was not the best, it was a ring of tall trees, with brush stuffed in between the trees accept for a small opening. Leafclan really had a lousy camp compared to the other clans, but they had very nice territory. Leafclan had thick brush that prey like mice, voles, and shrews liked to hide in, as well as the tall trees full of squirrels. Every Leafclan cat learned to climb the trees very  early on, Leafclan cats practically lived in the trees. The nursery, leader's den, and apprentice's dens were even IN the trees, inside hollows.
            "Mistybird!" a cat screeched, "Come quick! It's Windrose!" Mistybird raced to the nursery and found Windrose breathing heavily, her mate Rainfur by her side. Mistybird nodded. "The kits are coming." She darted out of the nursery and turned into her den, she snatched up a bunch of herbs and ran back into the nursery. "It's okay Windrose..." She said.
             After not long there were six kits snuggled up around Windrose's belly, but Windrose's was not doing as great as her newborn kits. Mistybird sighed, it didn't look like Windrose was going to make it. Suddenly, a bright flash of light blinded Mistybird, and then she found herself standing by a river. A large black she-cat approached her and she realized she was sharing a vision with StarClan. "Hello Nightstar." She nodded, but Nightstar did not return the greeting. Her eyes widened and with a raspy voice Nightstar said, "Six cats of rain and wind will journey far to find forgotten kin." And then she stepped forward and whispered, "Darkness is coming."

Did you like it? I know if you haven't read Warriors it probably makes no sense, but I like it so I decided to post it. Tell me what you think in the comments! 




  1. Tenley, this is amazing! It's been ages since I finished the Warriors series, and I can't remember much that happened, apart from the bit with the badger and then the bit at the end.
    Have you read all the special edition ones? Bluestar's Prophecy is my favourite :)
    You are really good at writing, I can't wait to read the next part.

    1. Thank you! I'm so glad someone actually liked it. I haven't read Bluestar's Prophecy, but I'll keep an eye out for it!