Sunday, May 3, 2015


Welcome to Wild Among The Flowers! Here I'll post about writing, reading, and anything else I'm currently interested in. I find it necessary to mention that this is NOT my main blog! My main blog is The Sunshine Dollies, where I post all about my American Girl Dolls!

About Me

I'm Tenley. I love writing, reading, dolls, and horses. I dream of being an author someday. I take riding lessons twice a week, and it's another dream of mine to own my own horse! I may not post on this blog as much as I do on The Sunshine Dollies, but I hope you'll enjoy Wild Among The Flowers anyway.

Why I started this blog
I started this blog as to stop bombarding the readers of The Sunshine Dollies with non doll-related stuff. I selected the name "Wild Among The Flowers" simply because it sounds beautiful. :)

What to expect her at Wild Among The Flowers
Expect lots of reading, writing, and randomness! I am currently working on a story called "Beyond" and I'm constantly reading different books. I have several posts already planned for this blog, so you'll just have to wait and see for the most part!

So, thanks for reading! I hope you'll enjoy my new blog!



  1. I'm excited for you to post!

  2. this is so cool! can't wait to see more :)

    - autumn

  3. I love the title! Great job Tenley!